Where Talent Acquisition and Management meets strategic excellence.


Welcome to Via Lucis Consulting.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, success hinges on your most valuable asset: your people – whether they are your employees or off-payroll resources.

Staying ahead of your competitors in the talent space is hard if you don’t have the right strategy and people in place and getting it wrong can have a significant impact on your company’s performance.

At Via Lucis Consulting, we help all types of organisations to make the right staffing decisions while saving money, increasing efficiency and avoiding the pitfalls at a local, regional or global scale.

We work flexibly with our clients to suit your needs – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach from us – and will provide the service that delivers the best possible impact for your organisation.

What we can do for you

Some examples of the types of challenges we can support you with are below.

This is not a comprehensive list of our services. If you have any uncertainty around your existing Talent Acquisition/Management approach, management of non-permanent workers, third-party talent providers or systems, then we can support you in evaluating what you have and what you really need.

  • Growth or transformation plans/Resource Management
    • How will you scale your resources? What capacity do you really need? Will it be possible to onboard the people you need to keep pace with your growth? Are you leaving business on the table due to your company’s inability to resource on time?
  • Skills challenges
    • How should you be sourcing the hard-to-find skills for your organisation? Are you competitive in the market? Are you thinking ahead and planning for the skills you’ll need in the future?
  • Inefficient processes
    • Does everyone love or hate your hiring processes? Are candidates turned off because of how they experience the recruitment journey? Are Hiring Managers going rogue because it’s ‘easier’ than the following the formal process?
  • Compliance
    • Are your off-payroll workers compliant? Could they be deemed to be employees? Do you have robust and efficient Off-Payroll processes? Are you at risk of breaching any laws? Are you paying the right taxes?
  • Third-Party Suppliers
    • Do you have an existing RPO / MSP / Neutral Vendor and want to make sure that you’re getting value for money? Are your Screening providers doing what they say they’re doing? Is an internal or outsourced model right for you?
  • Systems
    • Are you able to track your workforce? How do you manage document control, compliance, cost, GDPR, workforce planning in an efficient way? Are your processes currently held on spread sheets by individuals? Do you have any meaningful Management Information (MI)
  • Procurement
    • Does your organisation currently have the skills and experience to perform a procurement process of systems/third parties from idea to implementation?
  • Pre-Appointment Screening
    • Are your workforce who they say they are? Do they work with vulnerable populations as part of their work? Have you considered the importance of Pre-Appointment Screening and the implications of not doing so?
  • Cost-Control
    • Does your company have a true understanding of spend across your workforce? Do hiring managers have full autonomy on spend? Are they spending the right amount in the absence of benchmarking? How is time reported for your off-payroll workers? Is there the potential for fraud/mistakes in your processes?
  • Branding
    • What does your organisation represent in the talent market? How do candidates perceive the prospect of working with your business?